Oi Telecom, formerly known as Telemar, it is a telecommunications services provider in Brazil.  It is the largest fixed-line operator and the fourth-largest mobile operator in Brazil, and is also the third largest telecommunications company in South America.  Formed from the privatization of the Telebrás System in 1998, Oi inherited a large part of the fixed telephone system in Brazil.  In total, Oi has concessions for the provision of fixed-line services in 25 Brazilian states, in addition to the Federal District.

The requirement was to offer to their mobile customer base, the service of an outbound IVR and using full automation allow customers to subscribe to new services, without human intervention.  Selection of customers to offer the service to is based on current credit ratings, updated daily, and segmented by region.

The IVR queries the OI CRM to get the client's account balance and then, on the basis of this decides what plan to offer to the customer.  If the balance is sufficient for the plan that is being offered, the call is made.  When the call is answered, the IVR presents the plan details and the advantages that the customer will have when joining.  If the customer chooses to join, the IVR triggers the CRM informing about the customer's plan change.  If the plan change occurs successfully, the customer is congratulated and informed that his new plan is already active.  A dashboard was specially developed for this operation demonstrating the IVR performance and the conversion rate in an online way.

The IVR has achieved a conversion rate of over 5% overall from inactive to active customers and also upgrading existing customers.  It has been judged by Oi Telecom to be a outstanding success, encouraging them to grow the deployment to in excess of 1000 concurrent virtual agents.

The IVR Director for the project, Richard Barbosa, said "the IVR facilities were rich and did exactly what we wanted and to be scale up to in excess of 1000 simultaneous calls was a big bonus for us.  Well done Sytel."

Commenting on the system, Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay said "Oi gave us a big challenge and we are delighted at their success."