Intelbras is a famous Brazilian retailer that specialises in the markets of security, network and telecommunication industries.  Founded in 1976, Intelbras' products are sold in over 20 countries worldwide.  Intelbras has one of the largest private R&D centers in Latin America and more than 400 technical support staff in Brazil, supporting their products in different ways.

Intelbras uses Sytel's scripter product in AI mode to capture information about customers' requirements before handing the call over to an agent who can intelligently respond.  Intelbras has a large support centre due to the great variety of products in its portfolio.  Specialized teams give support to each product segment, all making use of the intelligent routing supplied by Sytel's Scripter to get calls channelled to the right agent.

The IVR interviews the customer to obtain their ID and, through an integration with the CRM system, identifies the priority level of the customer.  This in turn determines which queue the call should go to.  The customer chooses the product department where he needs support and is transferred to the best team and agent based on their priority level and service needs.  If the customer makes a second call to the support centre within a preconfigured interval, the IVR identifies which agent performed the previous service.  If that agent is available, the call is forwarded to them.

For customers who only wish to know the location of technical assistance support, the IVR offers the option of consulting workshops close to the zip code that the customer provides.

When the call is passed to the agent, the script on the agent's screen contains full details of what the customer is looking for so there is no need for the customer to repeat this information to the agent.  The CRM integration also provides a full call history, making the agent's job that much easier.

Intelbras are delighted with Sytel's solution.  "The Sytel solution matches our requirements exactly and more importantly, Sytel's commitment to innovation in customer service, using AI drivers, is allowing us to significantly grow our business," said Rogerio Rocha Couto, Intelbras' Head of Nationwide Support.

Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel commented "this is a great example of a joined-up journey; no repetition of key information and full access to all current and historical information relating to the customer. We are very proud to have helped Intelbras create this solution using our software".