Avance Group, a leading UK CRM outsourcer, recently had a complete relook at their systems and came to Sytel with a long list of requirements.

  • Their growth plans were very ambitious and they needed systems that could grow to handle more than 1000 simultaneous outbound calls
  • Reliability was absolutely key. They, and their blue-chip clients, were very intolerant of downtime
  • Flexibility in all ways was also key. They wanted to link some of their own existing applications into Softdial Contact Centre.
  • Avance deals with some of the leading enterprises in the country and their demands are very exacting. That means working with products that are flexible and can be fine-tuned and adapted quickly to meet not just 99.99% but exactly what the customer wants.
  • Hosted capability was vital. They needed multi-tenancy that is there from the ground up and just works, so that they could provide their solutions to other outsourcers
  • They needed a solid architecture where the supplier continues to innovate at a strong rate
  • And crucially, they needed a dialer that was going to be not just compliant with Ofcom regulations, but give great performance under compliance

We sat down with Campbell Mitchelson, Avance's IT Director, and said "take a free trial, we'll support you and you won't be disappointed!"

When the trial was over and the integration complete, Campbell shared his response with us:

"Well, I am just delighted at how you have performed against all our demands. And let me single out two things in particular. Not only was the integration of our apps with the Sytel solution not a problem, but your help in doing this was superb. Your instant responses on all matters, be it support, licensing, or product issues, has been astounding and simply unequalled in my experience; the industry could learn a lot from the way in which you look after your customers.

And your dialer has been truly great. It left the legacy dialer we had been using trailing a long way behind and is bringing huge additional productivity to our bottom line."

About the Avance Group - in their words

Avance is one of a new generation of specialist outsourcing organisations, totally focused on improving the performance of accounts receivable and customer relationship management. We are not a generalist. Our approach sets great stall in innovation. We do not simply "take out" a process for our partners – we immerse ourselves in it, using our cross-sector knowledge to identify and deliver continuous process improvement.

Using technology developed for over a decade, we are working with some of the leading names in global business, our approach enabling us to improve process performance and deliver insightful reporting so that our partners gain a new level of control over their customer relationship and credit management functions. We understand the importance of brand value, and have diligently earned the trust of a growing number of global blue chip companies to work in their name. And we operate in 40 countries, in more than 32 languages, giving us the scale needed to tackle multinational operations, cutting through corporate hierarchy to simplify operations and give senior decision makers the information they need to manage effectively.

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