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Sytel lives day by day at the coalface of contact center software design.

We take on the hard tasks that many other companies balk at. We invent from the ground up, working to bring you the best call center software solutions to the toughest challenges, resulting in world-class, best-of-breed call center software.

With this blog, we aim to educate, illuminate and also challenge the call center industry. Expect us to talk about call center technology, but technology is just a means to an end. What matters ultimately is the quality of the service that technology can provide for customers. So expect the blog to be wide-ranging. And expect us to shed new light on received call center industry wisdom.

You may not agree with everything we say. Great! Informed debate lies at the heart of innovation. So feel free to give us your feedback and if you argue your case well, we may post your ideas on the blog.


Fine-tuning your SIP infrastructure

November, 2013

Sytel has considerable experience in configuring SIP services for a range of markets. Based on this, here are 3 potential issues that can seriously degrade the quality of your service.

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Voice is still king - Multimedia in the contact center

October, 2013

There is no denying that multimedia has a place in the contact center. But when the dust settles, voice will still be king for many types of interaction, where only a 1-to-1 conversation will do the job.

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Outbound calling - past, present and future - Part 3

September, 2013

Given the experience of predictive dialer regulation in the UK and US, what should regulators and contact centers in other countries do?

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Outbound calling - past, present and future - Part 2

August, 2013

How have UK and US telemarketeers responded to dialing rules and Do Not Call legislation? And what does this mean for countries that have no legislation (yet!) on outbound calls?

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Outbound calling - past, present and future - Part 1

July, 2013

This blog looks at the regulations for predictive dialers in the UK and US have achieved and what lessons other countries can draw from them.

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Time's up!

June, 2013

A reflection on 5 call center practices that are past their 'sell by' date, or, if you like, where there is room for improvement over the coming year.

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The future of Network Answering Machine Detection

May, 2013

Answering Machine Detection (AMD) remains a hot topic in the UK. Sytel has been taking the technical lead on a working party to define and establish standards for Network AMD.

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Smart call routing for smarter customer service

April, 2013

In order to route an incoming call so as to achieve the fastest resolution/ greatest satisfaction, in the shortest time, involving the fewest people, perhaps we should adopt a similar approach to that of dating websites.

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IVR design - best practice

March, 2013

IVR should enable users to help themselves, or route users to the right agent. But largely because of bad design, many people’s experience of IVR systems has been more Kafka than customer service.

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Hosted IP PBX in the Cloud

February, 2013

Why take any contact center service from the cloud? Because you benefit from a high-end feature set without the hassle of purchasing and maintaining the kit. Sounds like a no-brainer, and IP PBX services are no exception.

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Cross-cultural customer service

January, 2013

Great customer engagement is a product of a thorough understanding not only of the customer’s values and needs, but also of their culture.

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Predictive dialing under regulation - all pain, little gain

November, 2012

Virtually no predictive dialers were designed to deliver good performance under Ofcom/ FTC rules for abandoned calls. This blog explores the implications for the operators and the industry.

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How to Juggle with 4 Balls (and a Chainsaw) – Part 2

November, 2012

The tools that enable continual evaluation, training and improvement are standard for voice-only interactions, but how about web chat, email, SMS, video and others?

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5 signposts on the road to VoIP

October, 2012

Taking the plunge from TDM to IP can be a daunting prospect. Here are 5 often overlooked signposts to save a lot of headache and back-tracking further along.

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What is a 'universal queue'? (And is it a good thing?)

September, 2012

There are many definitions out there for the term 'universal queue'. They all sound great but are very agent-centric. Here we call for an alternative that can actually deliver satisfaction for the customer.

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High availability - seeing the bigger picture

August, 2012

Some vendors' claims for very high uptime - maybe 99.999% - refer to software only. But for cloud-based contact centers, the vast majority of downtime is caused by hardware and network failure. This blog looks at the real areas of risk.

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Drinking from the fire hose - The challenge of 'big data' in the contact center

July, 2012

Data produced by virtual/ cloud-based contact centers has the potential to grow massively in a short time, and is virtually unlimited. Managers must carefully consider how to cope with, and extract value from, this big data load.

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The Pain of Separation - Call Flow Scripting for IVR and Live Agents

June, 2012

By and large, call center scripting tools are built either for IVR only, or for agent scripts only, and are entirely separate entities. Why? This blog offers some answers and a way forward.

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Closed vs. open - 2 roads to market

May, 2012

Most companies fit into one of two camps; closed architecture (promoting 'own brand' only) or open architecture (offering APIs to other products). Here we compare and contrast the two approaches.

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Network Answering Machine Detection - myth or reality?

April, 2012

Sytel's contribution to the latest controversy over Network AMD, and some background on how we got here.

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