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Sytel lives day by day at the coalface of contact center software design.

We take on the hard tasks that many other companies balk at. We invent from the ground up, working to bring you the best call center software solutions to the toughest challenges, resulting in world-class, best-of-breed call center software.

With this blog, we aim to educate, illuminate and also challenge the call center industry. Expect us to talk about call center technology, but technology is just a means to an end. What matters ultimately is the quality of the service that technology can provide for customers. So expect the blog to be wide-ranging. And expect us to shed new light on received call center industry wisdom.

You may not agree with everything we say. Great! Informed debate lies at the heart of innovation. So feel free to give us your feedback and if you argue your case well, we may post your ideas on the blog.


Smartphones taking over as contact device of choice

July, 2015

Make sure your customers can do what they want using their smartphones.

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We chose fish

June, 2015

Sytel takes more of a hands-on approach to corporate responsibility.

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Impact of self service on the contact center

May, 2015

Times have changed; the majority of customers try to self serve their own solutions before ringing in to a contact center.

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Challenging agents

April, 2015

Use technology to enable agents to become more effective and build their own portfolio of customers.

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Permission-based marketing

March, 2015

Ensure your customers continue their permission for you to market them.

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"Where do you want to go today?" We thank you Microsoft for that gem.

February, 2015

The Microsoft slogan still resonates today, but now there are added complications.

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Joined-up vs silos

January, 2015

Some silos exist for valid reasons but others are costly and cause both customer and agent frustration.

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Agent management - single skill or multi skill? The ongoing debate

December, 2014

We all know that agent turnover is high in call centers. Is multi media providing a solution to this problem?

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Making SIP your standard

November, 2014

So SIP is now mainstream. What of the claims about increased flexibility and lower costs? Well, in many cases it has been a no-brainer, but not for everyone.

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Mobile apps and contact centers

October, 2014

Mobile apps are commonplace these days. But for businesses offering a mobile app, how joined up is it with their contact center, and does it need to be?

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Speed vs. quality - keeping your balance

September, 2014

A successful contact center sets and maintains an appropriate balance of speed and quality objectives, appropriate to their business goals. But keeping a proper balance is not easy. This blog looks at how balance is set.

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Multichannel, Multimedia, Omnichannel, Universal Queue – eh?

August, 2014

These buzzwords all describe the same basic concept. The question here is: do these terms actually mean something useful, or are they just marketing baloney?

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Contact Queues without Walls

July, 2014

The omnichannel/ multimedia/ multichannel approach has significant advantages in terms of keeping agent efficiency and customer satisfaction high, and customer effort low.

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Measuring agent effectiveness

June, 2014

To deliver the best value for the organisation and the highest satisfaction for customers, agents must be effective. But how do you gauge how effective they really are?

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Measuring agent productivity in a multi-channel world

May, 2014

Supervisors must monitor a range of KPIs to measure agent performance and productivity. But use of email, chat, SMS, etc throws up many challenges to accepted methods.

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Dissecting the Customer Effort Score (CES)

April, 2014

The Customer Effort Score (CES) has been found to be an accurate indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here we look at what might comprise a CES, and what could be done to optimise it.

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Measuring success in the contact center

March, 2014

A key process for growth in any business is that of measuring success against target. The challenge is to distill the vast sea of data into meaningful measures that can then prompt action.

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SIP - the challenge of virtualisation management

February, 2014

With the rise of virtual machines (VMs) comes a responsibility to manage resources, especially for real-time, high-priority activities like predictive dialing.

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SIP - the challenge of voice delay

January, 2014

This blog looks at the causes of delay in calls that travel fully or partially over SIP networks, and what can be done to minimise it.

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SIP - the challenge of voice break-up

December, 2013

Voice communication is still a large part of a contact center’s business. To maintain quality, how do you give voice traffic VIP status throughout the network?

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