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With this blog, we aim to educate, illuminate and also challenge the call center industry. Expect us to talk about call center technology, but technology is just a means to an end. What matters ultimately is the quality of the service that technology can provide for customers. So expect the blog to be wide-ranging. And expect us to shed new light on received call center industry wisdom.

You may not agree with everything we say. Great! Informed debate lies at the heart of innovation. So feel free to give us your feedback and if you argue your case well, we may post your ideas on the blog.


Omnichannel, Customer Journeys and Contact Center Performance

October, 2020

What’s the word that everyone in marketing either loves or hates? Yes, it is omnichannel. Everyone says they do it, apart from a few, who have declared its imminent death! In this mega blog, for which we make no apologies, we are going to look at its health and relevance. And if it is in a mortal state, what comes next and what does it mean for great customer journeys and contact center performance?

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Getting the Best from Conversational AI

September, 2020

Whether you are using conversational AI for voice or text chat, there are two big challenges that you face in the real world.

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Designing for the Cloud - Challenge #4 - Footprint Cost

August, 2020

A cloud-based contact center running the full range of services has many other components that generate large compute and storage demands. So how does one manage these to minimise footprint cost?

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Is Omnichannel Dead?

July, 2020

Omnichannel first showed its face when software vendors for contact centers started deploying digital channels such as chat and email. But then, as now, most systems are siloed. There is a serious issue here, about how IT systems are engineered and deployed to support all media types.

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Does Sytel’s Cloud Architecture Support Containers?

June, 2020

We all know the customer is always right and the expected answer is ‘Heck Yes!’ but frankly, we try to avoid containers like the plague.

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Conversational AI and a New Role for Predictive Dialing

May, 2020

The age of the bot and conversational AI brings new challenges in terms of how contact centers engage with potential customers. Here’s a sneak preview of an exciting new development.

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Designing for the Cloud - Challenge #3 - Ease and Speed of Troubleshooting

April, 2020

How to make management of a functionally rich cloud contact center platform… well, manageable

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Connecting Home Workers to Business Applications

March, 2020

If you need your agents to work from home and want them interfacing with your business applications, then you need to have them plumbed into a contact center system in the cloud.

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Designing for the Cloud - Challenge #2 - Ease of Provisioning

February, 2020

SIP infrastructure for a cloud service provider is multi-faceted and its key functionality is complex, but Sytel enables service providers to grow their stack without pain.

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Safeguarding Your Contact Business

January, 2020

Compliance with outbound contact regulation is a given, but it is often made more difficult by layer upon layer of legislation. To comply, you need a software-based rule-checking process.

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Designing for the Cloud - Challenge #1 - Extensibility

November, 2019

How do you provide a framework for this that is easy to use and mitigates the effects of misconfiguration and third-party integrations that aren’t 100% reliable?

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Designing for the Cloud - 6 Major Challenges

October, 2019

Developing a feature-rich contact center platform for the cloud has its challenges! The demands of environment, functionality and scale have required us not simply to extend, but rather to look to new designs.

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Thinking Ahead

September, 2019

Software suppliers like ourselves often need to practice proactive development; we need to think, plan and act ahead, reaching well beyond expressed market requirements to think through the next best thing(s), that if realised, will lead to delighted customers.

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Moving to the Cloud - 5 Features You Should Expect

August, 2019

There has never been a better time to move a contact center to the cloud. But not all cloud contact center platforms are created equal. Here are 5 features you should expect from your solution.

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Remembering the Conversation

July, 2019

When two friends talk they will subconsciously reference all the moments they have shared. To promote good conversations in the contact center, Sytel keeps its own record of all interactions across all media types, for a particular customer. And this can include transcribed recordings of voice calls.

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Using AI to better direct customers

June, 2019

By asking open questions, a robot can identify the reason for the call and then either handle the call itself or transfer the call to a live agent.

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Agents and customers fall in love

May, 2019

Another lengthy blog this month, but reading this is time well spent. There are two battles currently going on in the contact center. Here we discuss these battles and how they can result in harmony.

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Agent optimization and the customer experience

April, 2019

This month is a monster blog. And for a change we look at how Sytel addresses two of the most important issues in the contact center. Enjoy!

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Joined-up systems, joined-up journeys

March, 2019

Great architecture is key. A solution that can maintain state for all agents and sessions, that can scale easily to handle thousands of agents per tenant and delivers dynamic queue management, blending and session history tracking is fundamental. Everybody needs systems to be joined-up.

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The reality of failure-proof systems in the Cloud

February, 2019

How often does the server/virtualisation stack fail? We take some examples from our own experience and identify 3 things you can do to get you close to 5 nines up-time.

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