IVR Surveys
Confirmit and Sytel have developed an IVR survey product that combines Confirmit's Horizons sample management and survey authoring with Sytel's telephony solution.  This IVR product enables Market Research companies to contact respondents using pre-recorded, automated outbound messages.

Intelligent IVR
Traditional IVRs are often both complex to program and inflexible.  This new product is an intelligent solution that can vary its questions dynamically based on quota fulfilment.  It can also for complex logic defined in the Horizons' survey authoring tool.  The result is fully-automated and efficient outbound calling.

Sample Management and Survey Design
Using the familiar and easy-to-use Confirmit Horizons interface, users can select and upload recordings to be played to the respondent.  The order of questions, branching logic and the range of digits that are valid for each response are all defined within the survey authoring solution.

Confirmit - survey authoring tool

Outbound Calling
Horizons' sample management controls the list of numbers to be called, feeding those numbers to Sytel's IVR dialing system.  The Sytel IVR telephony solution dials the numbers it receives from Horizons and plays the audio messages defined in the survey to respondents.  It collects the responses in the form of digit presses and passes them back to Horizons.

Standalone option
The intelligent outbound IVR product can be used as a standalone solution integrated with the Confirmit Horizons sample management, or as an extension to the existing Sytel dialer.

Architecture - IVR components

Key Advantages of the Intelligent Outbound IVR:

  • Consistency -
    • The audio message provides the same wording and quality each time.
    • No need for a supervisor to monitor calls.
  • Can be easily changed - if a survey needs to be amended, it can be quickly changed to add a new branch or question.
  • Multilingual - when a survey requires multiple languages, IVR survey recordings are created just once in each language negating the need for multilingual agents.
  • When the type of research is personal in nature, respondents are often more comfortable replying to an automated system rather than a person.
  • The Confirmit diary management can be used to schedule IVR interviews and also reschedule, dependent on interviewer responses.

Key Strengths when used with the Sytel dialer:

  • The Outbound CLI can be configured to increase the likelihood of the call being answered.
  • Recording of both parties of the call can be performed as well call setup.
  • Integration with SIP telephony networks.
  • Industry leading call classification – out of service numbers can be identified.
  • Answer machine detection – answering machines can be detected and filtered out.


  • Easy to implement using familiar Horizons survey authoring interface
  • Easy to update as survey need changes
  • Use recorded messages or text-to-speech technologies
  • Provide multilingual phone surveys without needing multilingual agents
  • Standalone or integrate with existing Sytel dialer