Outbound Test Drive

Using Sytel's outbound campaign simulator, Oceanic, take an outbound test drive to experience how effectively Softdial Plugin® works under compliance.

We have chosen a typical telemarketing campaign based on the following parameters:


Note: Abandoned Call Rate

For this demo we have chosen an abandoned call rate of 3%, being the maximum allowed by the US FTC in the Telemarketing Sales Rule amendments of 2003.

If you would like to run the simulator at a lower rate (e.g. 1%), contact us for a free trial of Oceanic™.

To run the simulator:

  1. Enter the number of agents below (minimum 5, maximum 50)

  2. Click on 'Get Results!'

Number of Agents

Get Results!

Campaign Length: 00

Ave. talk time per hour: 00

What do the results show?'

  • They show how Oceanic can take any data and give immediate feedback on what to expect; not only can it do this for any campaign, but the full Oceanic provides a lot more information as well; for example, enabling you to compute your profit on a campaign.
  • They also show exactly what to expect from a well-designed predictive dialer that conforms to FTC guidelines
  • Don't be surprised if you get different results running Oceanic several times for the same number of agents. That's what would happen in real life.
  • The greater the number of agents, the bigger the benefits you will see. But don't be surprised, if very occasionally an increase in agent numbers, by say one agent, doesn't lead to a better average talk time per hour.
  • Don't be deceived by the fact that the agent start number is low. A really great dialer can deliver good results for as low as 5 agents. Ours does.

'I Expected a Better Talk Time per Agent Hour.'

It all depends upon the kind of campaign you are running. Higher values for both the average talk time per call and the live call rate will push up the average talk time per agent hour. And of course more agents will do this too.

And, working within FTC guidelines, you can get better results by increasing the abandoned call target to the maximum allowable figure of 3%.

'I want more control.'

If you are a bona fide end-user or business partner, contact us for a free trial of Oceanic and a copy of the campaign so that you can:

  • explore all the assumptions made in deriving these results
  • change the data to create your own campaigns and see how profitable they are
  • find out exactly what benefits predictive dialing brings, compared with other dialing methods
  • understand what the very best in predictive dialing can do for your company.

We wish you good driving!

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