These white papers look in more depth at some of the real-life contact center deployment topics we encounter in the field.

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This document discusses how SCC is deployed to work with Afiniti.

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Sytel and Afiniti have partnered to produce an integration of Softdial Contact Center (SCC) with Afiniti.  This adds Afiniti's AI-based routing capabilities to Sytel's best-of-breed multimedia ACD and dialer engine.

Afiniti's AI-based agent selection is applied to both inbound and outbound campaigns and works for all types of media, bringing AI-based routing to Chat, email and other packet media sources as well as traditional voice.

SCC is both a multimedia and multisession ACD. SCC customers make use of media blending to maximise occupancy and manage service levels across media types where response timescales vary greatly.  Use of SCC's multimedia blending is transparent to the integration with Afiniti.

The overall solution maximises agent occupancy at the same time as pairing the best agent available with a customer, leading to highly profitable operations for the contact center.

In this white paper we announce the Sytel AI Dialer and how our Virtual Event Machine (VEM®) takes its machine learning capabilities and hence dialer performance to a new level.

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The Sytel AI Dialer gives customers unprecedented levels of dialer performance without breaching compliance.  This white paper explains the approach that Sytel has taken to develop this first class dialer that includes two new features, which are both world firsts:

  • Dialing Protector - achieves excellent performance whilst dialing under compliance at a level of 1% abandoned calls
  • Multi-Context Dialing - removes the worry of mixing data with different calling characteristics on the same campaign

All the great things that make Sytel's Softdial Contact Center (SCC®) a world class product.

A white paper that looks at how the predictive dialing industry has responded to the challenge of compliance, what compliance means for users and how dialer selection has changed in a compliant age.

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In this paper we lift the lid on some practices and ideas that should have been consigned to the history books years ago and we also offer some practical advice on how to select your next (or first) predictive dialer.

When you select a dialer, no reputable vendor would do anything other than claim compliance; quite right too, since compliance is easy to achieve; you simply set a limit for nuisance calls. In order to make the right choice you need to ask the right questions. This paper helps you to do this and also work out the right answers. Some key questions considered are:

  • Why is the real issue not whether a dialer can dial under compliance, but whether it can do so effectively?
  • Why is excellence in design important and what questions should you ask when selecting the right dialer for your business
  • What proven way can you use to determine if a predictive dialer is any good

A white paper looking at the impact of technology on customer service, particularly in the arts.

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The evolution of customer service is very much a function of technology.  There is now a range of marketing and customer service techniques, not just voice but digital as well.  These techniques are used in a variety of ways, from the proactive to the softer sell which allows customers to engage at their own convenience.

Market Research companies rely on technology to help increase their interviewers' productivity. However, without a full appreciation of the humble telephone call, the technology can never deliver its full potential.

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When pursuing the perfect phone call, attention must be given to some key areas.  This white paper clearly identifies and describes each area and identifies the components and challenges with each.

A white paper seeking to demystify AMD as implemented in call centers today for the purpose of figuring out whether a call is being answered by a human or a machine, and to explore what the technology can actually deliver.

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Vendors of call centre technology seek to differentiate their Answer Machine Detection (AMD) algorithms in many different ways; "We have 73 patents", naming (e.g. Positive Voice Detection, Perfect Call Analysis) and aggressive marketing claims about capabilities (e.g. 99.8% accuracy)

But the bottom line is that it all rests on a common algorithm (explained here). And how reliable is it anyway? This paper debunks the myths and jargon associated with AMD and presents some hard facts for call centers when considering the pros and cons of AMD.

A white paper looking in depth at the deployment of Softdial Contact Center in a high-availability disaster recovery environment.

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The nature of hosted services is that there is no room for failure. Service providers must guarantee productivity time in the order of 99.999% if they are to provide the quality of service users expect.

This white paper looks at how the components within Softdial Contact Center are designed from the ground up to meet these requirements, including

  1. Automatic and seamless failover of system services.

  2. Redundancy measures and load-balancing for gateways delivering trunk access.

  3. Dynamic provisioning of all system components.

  4. Shared, dynamic configuration store for dial plan, queues, routing, security model and other configuration shared by system services.

A white paper that looks at the technical challenges that the world of hosted contact centers brings. We discuss the requirements in detail and show how Sytel meets the challenges.

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Historically call center service platforms have been considered too complex for hosting and/or outsourcing of technology and services to be viable. Today this is no longer true but anyone keen to take advantage of this expanding opportunity must first understand the challenges and the potential pitfalls that still remain.

This paper is an essential read for anyone with an interest in the Hosting Services model. It discusses the critical technology issues that must be addressed when planning a hosted call center services operation and explains how Sytel's hosting solutions have been specifically developed to address the needs of this market.

A white paper based on a document submitted by Sytel Limited for consideration at the FTC Collections Workshop, held in Washington D.C. on 10th - 11th October 2007. (FTC Project No.: P074805)

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Predictive dialers are seen as an essential tool in Collections. They raise the productivity of agents and can make the difference between running a Collections operation at a profit, versus a loss.

The Collections industry in the US is currently exempt from the rules governing the use of predictive dialers there. Sytel believes there are strong reasons why a cap on nuisance calls in the US collections market should now be considered.

The paper looks at dialing behavior in the Collections industry in the US, including type of call, e.g. live versus virtual agent and considers current nuisance call levels.

A white paper that describes Sytel’s VoIP solution, steps involved in fresh deployment or system migration and its suitability for different customers.

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The purpose of this white paper is to set out, in practical terms, the steps that must be taken when implementing a VoIP solution with particular emphasis on deploying Sytel's VoIP solution. The paper discusses some of the real benefits that can be achieved by migrating to a VoIP solution and provides detailed information that will be helpful in overcoming any misconceptions that prospective users may have regarding the feasibility of VoIP solutions for contact centers.

This white paper discusses the guidelines introduced by regulatory bodies and assesses the impact they have had on the outbound calling industry.

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Sytel is well known around the world as a strong proponent of responsible predictive dialing and has a long track record of working with both national marketing organizations and also government regulators, advising them on appropriate rules. For example, in April 2002 Sytel was invited by the Federal Trade Commission1 to be the dialer industry representative at its regulatory hearings held in Washington.

Much of the existing rules now in place in other countries first saw light in the form of advice provided by Sytel. Drawing on this experience, we have now set out a detailed outbound template for other countries to consider when drawing up their own dialer regulations.

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