24/ 365 Expert Backup

Regardless of how you work with Sytel - as a reseller, distributor, integrator or an end user, you will enjoy the highest levels of support available in the contact center industry.

Because our products are used in a mission critical environment where any downtime can mean lost revenue, profit and contact opportunities, we place great emphasis on maximising product reliability and resilience.

If you are integrating one or more Sytel products into an existing or new configuration, we will help you design and implement your solution taking account of stability and resilience issues to maximise uptime.

But when disaster does strike, whether that's due to telecoms, networking, database or other environmental problems, our highly experienced team of systems engineers will quickly diagnose what's wrong and help you to get back in business with minimal disruption and cost - wherever you are in the world, whenever you call.

If you prefer to have control of your own on site or remote support capabilities, our modular hands on training programmes, comprehensive online documentation and adaptable support tools are available to you, with backup from our remote team of experts always on hand should you need it.

To request more information about Sytel's support services, or if you need help with a specific integration proposal, please go to the Contact Us page and select a contact option.

If you already have support site login credentials, click here to go to the Sytel support site for access to our online documentation, software downloads, FAQ's, support tools and many other support facilities. If you are an existing Sytel partner and do not have support site access credentials, please email Sytel Support giving your name, company details and contact number.


  • Pre-Sales Support - We help you define your requirements and specify your solution.
  • Installation Support - On site or remote support to help you get up and running fast
  • Remote Support - Experienced engineers on call 24 hours / 365 days a year.
  • Online Documentation - Easily accessible, up to date, comprehensive information on all products.
  • Training Courses - Hands on user and engineering courses held at Sytel's offices or at your location.
  • Support Tools - Analytical and diagnostic tools that can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.
  • Flexible Cover - Full 24/365 cover or tune your support package to your own needs.
  • Support Bulletin - Advance notification of updates and next version new features.


Comprehensive, hands-on training on the integration, deployment and use of all Sytel products is provided by experienced Sytel engineers, either at Sytel's headquarters in Aylesbury, UK, or at a location of your choice.

As well as standard courses in Softdial Contact Center, we offer a range of training courses and updates to suit your specific requirements.

Courses are run regularly but they are often quickly over subscribed as we carefully limit the number of delegates on each course to ensure they are as effective as possible. We recommend that you plan your training well in advance of deployment.

If you are an existing Sytel partner or a potential user of Softdial Contact Center and would like to see a typical course synopsis, email us, providing your name and company details along with any questions and details of specific requirements you might have.


At Sytel we have always been passionate about our product documentation. This is a legacy of our early years, working primarily with integrators for whom detailed and accurate documentation was critical to their, and our, success.

Today we place as much emphasis on our documentation as ever, because we know that in a mission critical industry where waiting around for answers is not an option, accurate and accessible documentation is the most efficient way to provide responsive support on a global basis.

Keeping our documentation current is a priority at Sytel. We understand that inaccurate information can be more frustrating than no information. That's why, for example, our web based api information system is driven directly from our production xml data source. In fact, whenever possible we apply the principle of deriving all support and sales information from a single documentation source throughout the company in order to eliminate the chaos that otherwise so often takes over.

Mistakes are rare but whenever we find, or are told of an error in our documentation, it is updated within just hours.

Sytel's support documentation is web based and accessible from our support site. A snapshot of the documentation is included with our software installation as a backup for the occasional times when internet access is not available.

And in the unlikely event that the answers you require cannot be found in our documentation, just email or call our support team who will be on hand to help you.