Inbound Surveys
The integration of the Sytel dialer and Confirmit CATI provides the ability to route inbound calls to interviewers.  An inbound call to a specific phone number can be routed to a group of interviewers, where one of the interviewers will be selected to answer the call.  When a call is answered the Confirmit Horizons will 'screen-pop' the survey that relates to the caller.  This could be a screen-pop of details from an existing outbound survey or if no information related to that caller's CLI is available then an appropriate screen will be displayed to the interviewer.

Interviewer Efficiency
When an inbound call enters the system, the solution will select an interviewer, who is not in a talking state, to take the call.  That interviewer may have previously been working on outbound calls, but that is not an issue, the system seamlessly blends the interviewer across the system in order to handle the inbound call.  Once the interviewer has completed the inbound call they can then be moved back to the outbound survey to continue their previous work.

Automatic blending of interviewers to answer inbound calls

Horizons DDI Configuration Screen
DDIs (inbound phone numbers) are associated with surveys using this screen.

Mapping of inbound telephone numbers to surveys

Inbound: Key Advantages

  • Respondents who are calling back having missed an outbound call are more likely to participate in a survey – these calls will now be answered by an interviewer blended from an outbound campaign.
  • There is no need to assign a group of interviewers exclusively for inbound calls.
  • Interviewers engaged in outbound campaigns can be blended across to inbound campaigns.
  • Configuration is carried out within the Confirmit Horizons interface, providing a familiar experience for Confirmit Horizons users.
  • Inbound call distribution ensures that calls are directed to interviewers fairly.


  • Respond to inbound survey calls
  • Easy to implement using familiar Horizons survey authoring interface
  • Efficient use of interviewers – calls distributed evenly and fairly using automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Configure an inbound DID/DDI to route to a group of interviewers