Sytel provides integrated software and telephony applications with a particular focus on solutions to providers of cloud/ hosted contact center services.

Sytel was an early entrant into the Software as a Service (SaaS) market in 2002 and today its architecture and applications are powering in excess of 200 end-user customers and hosted business partners in more than 50 countries around the world. No matter whether you are:

  • a carrier
  • a telecoms operator
  • an ITSP
  • another added-value provider, or
  • a large enterprise

...we have a solution for you, using scalable, resilient, proven architecture.

Sytel's Softdial Contact Center (SCC) will allow you to rapidly provide your users with new functionality, flexibility and efficiency and a wide range of benefits as follows.

Security Guaranteed

Often the concern at the top of the list for potential consumers of hosted/ cloud services is that of security: Can it be guaranteed? Is critical customer data going to fall into the wrong hands? We provide the right database models, so that no key customer data has to leave the customer premises and secure, partitioned multi-tenancy means that all performance data relating to a user's campaigns is for his eyes only.

High Availability

Users need assurance that the services they pay for will be available whenever they are needed. Loss of service impacts their bottom line. Robust failover, resilience and redundancy models are in place throughout SCC, so that in the event of any hardware, software or network failure normal services can continue with business as usual.

Fast and Easy Scale-up / Scale-down

A user's demand for contact centre services will peak and trough according to many business drivers. End users need to be able to buy the scale of service required for that moment in time, even to cut back when demand is low. When unexpected peaks come, the user will demand additional services and extensions without disrupting the flow of business that a hosted provider is managing for other customers on the system. Dynamic provisioning within SCC allows this to happen seamlessly.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Today's workforce is on the move. Agents, supervisors, managers and IT personnel may need to get online from literally anywhere, whether as part of a company network, or a remote or home user. Wherever they are, SCC provides front-end, management and maintenance functions to be available via a web browser, anywhere, anytime.

Quality VoIP services

As take-up for IP based services broadens out, so customers expect seamless, clear, enterprise-level quality in IP services. Sytel sets clear guidelines for hosted/ cloud service partners so that quality of service can be at the highest level and to ensure that issues such as latency and packet loss are not allowed to impact on business performance.

One-Stop Solution

As well as providing a highly scalable and secure communications infrastructure, Sytel's hosted/ cloud services also include a rich set of applications covering all contact center activities, including agent scripting, reporting and predictive dialing. At the same time, our open, published and extensively documented APIs allow easy but rigorous integration of 3rd party applications as required.


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