We recognize that no two contact centers are the same, and the set of requirements can differ widely from one to the next. A tailor made solution, then, often means taking product from a variety of vendors and fitting them together like jigsaw pieces. But often the pieces need some persuasion to fit together, costing time, effort and expense.

A solution using Sytel components offers two advantages that can dramatically reduce the time, effort and expense taken to realize a complex solution.

  1. Open APIs
    All Sytel components have open published APIs to allow quicker, easier integration in any situation

  2. Full range of ready-integrated components
    The Sytel product suite offers functionality across the spectrum of contact center activity, from inbound to predictive dialing, IVR, call recording and reporting. The more Sytel components you take, the more integration work has already been done!

Explore our product pages to learn more about the comprehensive range of functionality we provide.

Consultant Briefings

In order to help consultants and analysts get to grips with the broad range of Sytel products and services, we are hosting a regular and ongoing series of briefings...

  • at our headquarters in Aylesbury, UK
  • in central London, UK
  • in the US

Contact us to find out when the next briefing will be held in your area.

Example Briefing Agenda


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