Sytel developers' retreat, Cornwall

September, 2014

In Sep 2014, some of the Sytel development team took over a cosy backpacker hostel in Porthtowan, Cornwall, for a weekend of sun, sea, sand, surf and seals(!) (and some ASP.NET discussion... and maybe some F#).

As well as eating, drinking and making merry, we split into two groups for water activities:

Surfing lesson

Turns out 'humiliation lesson' would be more appropriate. It takes a lot more than 2 hours practice to be able to stand up on a piece of foam & fibeglass, on some of the finest waves in the UK. (OK, that may not be saying much.) They made a gallant effort, without too many injuries. Some even went back the next day for a rematch.

Kayak tour

The other group took a 2 hour trek surveying the Cornwall coastline, which has 2 attractions: its tin-mining heritage, which has left it's mark on the rock landscape; and grey seals, who were out in force to marvel at the surface dwellers in their backyard. Yes, there was some capsizing involved.

Fun was had, and of course the next day they were sorely reminded of muscles they didn't know they had. Must do it again sometime :)


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